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New car stamp duty is calculated differently in each Australian State.

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About New Car Stamp Duty in Australia

Stamp duty on new cars is a state government charge that is due on nearly all new car purchases in Australia.

(Some organisations and individuals are exempt from paying stamp duty and a government-issued certificate is held by these organisations and individuals).

The way new car stamp duty is calculated varies greatly from state to state. However, all states calculate stamp duty based on the GST-inclusive vehicle cost.

Much like home buying, new car stamp duty is calculated on a sliding scale meaning that the stamp duty component of the new car price increases as the price of the new car increases (in most states of Australia).

One thing to look out for when “drive-away” new car prices are advertised is to check that government stamp duty is accounted for. In such cases, dealers pay the stamp duty on the new car once they have received full payment for the new car.

It is different with used cars when buying through a dealer. What you pay the dealer won’t be the final amount you pay. Stamp duty will be a separate amount you will need to pay at your motor registry.

For the true used car price, you will want to account for stamp duty and the length of registration left on the vehicle. Look out for this when doing new car vs used car comparisons.



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