New Car Brokers – Not All Are Equal

New Car Brokers all say they’re working for you. But to what degree?

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Any New Car’s Unmatched Advantages – What They Mean For You

Any New Car is geared very differently to other new car brokers in that we are – as far as we can determine – the only Australian New Car Brokers that are not in any way driven, motivated or affected by the price you are quoted or pay for your new car.

We don’t believe any other new car broker can make this claim. But just in case we’re wrong, we invite any other new car broker in Australia who can genuinely make this claim to please come forward so that we might be able to work together?

Please allow us to explain further…

Most (In Fact, All, As Far As We Can Determine) New Car Brokers Are Geared Toward Profit Per Vehicle – Not Us

We’re geared so that the only metric driving us is:

The number of individuals, families and businesses are we genuinely help.

The more people we genuinely help, the better we do, and back it comes to you again.

Most new car brokers, whether they’re operating locally, online or through an app are just like new car dealers in that they are all still geared toward:

Profit Per Vehicle.

In fact, many ‘new car brokers’ ARE simply car dealers.

📌 The BIG difference with Any New Car is, profit per vehicle has ZERO bearing on how successful we are as a business…

And that’s why we can say hand-on-heart that our true motivation is to ensure:

  • You get the best price possible on your chosen new car.

(As you can see, this is not just something we say – our business is geared this way. Deliberately.)

  • That you have a delightful new car buying experience…
  • …and that you, just like so many others, tell your friends and family about us.


The Price and Service Difference is REAL. In Fact, Unmatched. Get This…

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Why it pays YOU to know the difference and make the distinction…

In most cases, the price you are quoted through Any New Car channels is the price that other new car brokers are getting (for themselves) – meaning: they then (to make a profit) have to add their commissions, on top!

And because we’re not motivated in the slightest by the price you are quoted or pay, our only continual checks are:

  • Is everyone still being dazzled by the price they are getting?
  • Is everyone continuing to get the service we promise they’ll get?

…So that…

  • We continue to be contacted by our client’s friends and family when it comes time for them to buy a new car.

We’re not sweating on you buying a new car – we’re busy sweating over our network and system delivering you what we say it will so that we can continue to lead and grow.

Our assets are:

  • You (first).
  • Our network and relationships.
  • Our proprietary system that’s proven to consistently deliver to Australian new car buyers (you again).

3 More Ways Any New Car is Different To Other New Car Brokers and What It Means For You

There are (3) other important details that need to be dealt with in full for you to have a relaxing and seamless new car buying experience – without you having to worry about any surprises.

We’re here to see you right through owning and driving your new car. It’s no use using a ‘new car broker’ if you still have to negotiate the all-important details with a car dealer yourself.

Details such as:

1. The Drive-Away Price

Not all new car brokers finish the job. In fact, some websites that may present as new car brokers or new car discount websites publish prices that don’t include on-road costs. Or they list manufacturers list prices less a discount but again, on-road costs are not included.

This means if you engage with one of these sites you’re still left on your own to negotiate the actual drive-away price with a retail car salesperson – and very often an inexperienced RETAIL salesperson.

With Any New Car you will:

  • ALWAYS get an easy-to-understand drive-away new car price. In writing.
  • ALWAYS have an experienced FLEET consultant walking you through the process – no games, no pressure.

When you enlist the services of Any New Car, you’re set to enjoy the highest level of service and the best drive-away price on your chosen new car. If you’ve decided on the new car model you’re buying, start here.

Any New Car‘s New Car Brokers will also take care of these important details for you:

2. Negotiating Trade in Price

The trade-in is where it everything can come undone if you haven’t got someone onside who can manage it professionally, and in your favour.

If you have a car (or cars) you’d like to trade in as part of buying your new car, your dedicated consultant will arrange a professional to quickly view any car or cars you have to trade in.

They’ll work to make sure that this is as quick and easy for you as possible by working in with you – whether that means a representative coming to your home or work to view your car (or cars), or you taking the car to place that best suits you.

Getting the right amount for a car (or cars) you’re trading in (hassle free) really helps make it all come together beautifully. And the alternatives are never pleasant. Why waste your weekends and more valuable time and still be in the dark?

3. Introduction To a Professional Dealer Representative

We’ve already gone to great lengths to ensure that once you agree to proceed with your new car purchase that your order is looked after by courteous and professional dealer personnel.

Once your order has been placed, a qualified brand professional from the supplying dealer will coordinate and oversee all aspects of final payment and delivery of your new car. You’ll also be kept informed of delivery dates and times.

A qualified dealer representative will also see that you are familiarised with your new car as you take delivery.

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Last thing…

New Car Brokers (2) Primary Functions Are…

1. Save your money – and 2. Save you time.

Why go to the trouble of spending hours at your computer or on the phone with other “new car brokers”, or dealers, if in the end you still have to negotiate the details?

Let’s face it – it doesn’t really matter how great your new car price seems if in the end you still have to spend hours more of your own time visiting dealers and haggling over the final price – agreed? The details are where the time is spent, and the experience and skill are needed.

With Any New Car, ALL the negotiations will be completed for you in full so you save the maximum amount of your valuable time, money and energy.

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Oh, and if you really determined to go it alone, you may find some quite handy information here on the Choice website. Matthew Steen has put together a comprehensive 8 steps to buying a new car that covers some quite different, not often spoke about angles for negotiating a new car purchase.

He also lists some important things to look out for if you’ve decided you’re going to face up to the whole retail showroom show. But remember, you don’t have to go through it all if you simply submit a best price request here.

Save $1000’s Buying a New Car

Any New Car is about you being in control – saving your valuable time and money.

We’ve made getting you the maximum discount on any new car quick and easy.

No Fees, No Memberships – 100% FREE


“A saving of $2,800 off our best dealer quote. I was impressed with your professional approach.”
Michael Shaw
Hotdish Cooking, Melbourne

"Will definitely be recommending your service to others.”
Julian Clark
Melbourne, VIC

“Easy to deal with, no pressure.”
Caharles Renzi
Melbourne, VIC

“Exceedingly helpful and patient. Got me a great deal.”
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Wendy Young
Arrawarra, NSW

“Proactive and friendly. 10 out of 10.”
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Ali Salehi
Canberra, ACT

“Great price on our new car, very happy.”
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Tania Tobin
Bateau Bay, NSW

“Thanks again for all your help with the new car, the extra time and money you saved us was phenomenal!”
Martin Mambraku
Sydney, NSW

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