Why Choose Us?

Not all New Car Brokers are the same

Any New Car is one of the only New Car Brokers that don’t leave you on your own to negotiate important details with the dealers… details such as:

1. The actual ‘drive-away’ price.

Not all new car brokers finish the job. In fact some websites that look like new car brokers are purely publishing manufacturers list prices (excluding on roads costs), or manufacturers list prices less a discount (but again, still excluding on road costs). This means that you are still left on your own to negotiate the actual drive-away price with a retail car salesperson – and very often an inexperienced retail sales person.

With Any New Car you will:

  • ALWAYS get an easy-to-understand drive-away new car price.
  • ALWAYS have an experienced FLEET consultant walking you through the process – no games, no pressure.

Most websites listing new car prices are not quoting the actual drive-away prices, nor are they actual new car brokers.

When you enlist the services of Any New Car, you’re set to enjoy the most favourable drive-away price on your chosen new car. If you’ve decided on the new car model you’re buying, access our Quick Quote form here.

Any New Car‘s New Car Broker Service will also take care of these important details for you:

2. Negotiating price on a car you may need to trade-in.

There are also a number of other important points that need addressing when negotiating the best deal on a new car. As Australia’s experienced new car brokers, Any New Car take care of all these important points for you so you can relax, and not have to worry about any surprises.

3. Introduction to a professional dealer representative.

Any New Car go to great lengths to ensure that once you agree to proceed with your new car purchase, your order is looked after by courteous and professional dealer personnel.

Once your order has been placed, a qualified brand professional from the supplying dealer will coordinate and oversee all aspects of final payment and delivery of your new car. You’ll also be kept informed of delivery dates and times.

A qualified dealer representative will also see that you are familiarised with your new car as you take delivery.

Click here to get Any New Car’s experienced New Car Brokers working for you…

New Car Brokers have two primary functions…

1. Save you money – and 2. Save you time. Why go to the trouble of spending hours at your computer or on the phone with other “new car brokers”, or dealers, if in the end you still have to negotiate the details?

Let’s face it – it doesn’t really matter how great your new car price seems if in the end you still have to spend hours more of your own time visiting dealers and haggling over the final price – agreed? The details are where the time is spent, and the experience and skill is needed.

At Any New Car we complete all the negotiations in full saving you the maximum amount of your valuable time, money and energy – access our Quick Quote form here.