Any New Car was founded in 2001 by Dean Kendall

dean kendall any new carIn 2001 Dean was a new car salesperson frustrated with the whole new car buying process – both from the buyer’s and dealer’s perspectives. So in June 2001 he went out on his own and began serving both the public and businesses of all sizes as an independent new car broker.

Today, and every day more and more Australians are recognising that Any New Car actually delivers “the best new car price, in writing”.


A Quick Word From Dean

“Back then (in 2001) the whole car buying process was much more drawn out for both the buyer and dealerships. And though not a lot has changed, dealers are slowly adjusting to the new market that’s emerged under the influence of the internet.

New car buyers want the best price, and to deal with someone they can relate to – and in the early 2000’s it seemed dealerships were getting worse and worse at adequately serving new car buyers in that… I saw a need and decided to meet it.

Over 17 years later, new car buyers are still needing a way to get the best price on a new car without going through the drawn-out new car retail sales routine – people just don’t have the time anymore, and that’s why our business continues to expand.”


Strength in Numbers

The Any New Car network is now made up hundreds of industry professionals that understand the Australian new car buyers frustrations and challenges, and are committed to serving new car buying public with integrity and bettering the industry.

The end result for the buyer is the best price on a new car, in a reasonable timeframe, without having to engage multiple car salespeople which means saving real time and money. There’s also no pressure and no awkwardness.

Most people who engage Any New Car’s free service genuinely save several hundred, and more-often thousands of dollars off the price they are initially quoted in the new car showroom.


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Today Dean is still very much involved at customer/consultant level week-to-week at Any New Car. He also consults, delivers training and speaks on digital marketing and SEO via Total Web Formula.