New Car On Road Costs

New car prices are often listed excluding on road costs.

Any New Car negotiates, and presents you the best drive-away price on any new car.

Here’s what a drive-away price on a new car is made up of:

Your new car, plus any options and accessories are subject to Stamp Duty*. Government stamp duty will vary depending on the State you live in.

Calculate New Car Stamp Duty in your state.

Luxury Car Tax

Luxury Car Tax is charged at 25% of any amount above $57,009. ‘LCT’ also applies to options and accessories you purchase over the $57,009 LCT limit.

Dealer Pre-Delivery

Dealer Pre-delivery or ‘Dealer Charges’ is exactly as the name suggests, a dealer charge. It generally averages $1500, however it can exceed $2000 in some cases.

What’s it for?

By a pre-delivery charge, dealers recover the cost of: Transporting a car (prior to anyone buying it). The cost of preparing a car for sale or presentation (New cars arrive with some items still in need of fitment – they’re also very well wrapped or sealed in parts).

Pre-delivery service: Workshop mechanics perform necessary performance and safety checks outlined by manufacturers. Removal of protective packaging or coatings, fitment of standard items not yet fitted and a complete vehicle detail.

We help you by:

1. Minimising the effect of these charges on your new car purchase.

2. Negotiating the best overall drive-away package on your new car inclusive of any options or accessories you specify, and all necessary on road costs relevant to your buying status.

3. If we believe we’ll be able to save a significant amount of money by purchasing a particular item after you take delivery, we will inform you when we supply you pricing so you have the option.

Other on-road costs…

Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)

Compulsory Third Party Insurance or ‘CTP’ is required by law in Australia. It covers against claims made by a third party in relation to personal injury in the event of an accident.

Premiums are set by the insurer and vary according to registration address and vehicle usage. When buying a brand new car, your CTP policy is supplied to you by the dealer along with your registration. The following year when you renew your registration, you may like to change your CTP provider.

New Car Registration

All new cars need to be registered in the name of an individual or Company by the appropriate motor registry in each state or territory.

The cost varies according to vehicle and the type of registration. For example: Business usage, Private usage or Primary producer. The status of end user also effects cost – for example: Pensioner, TPI or other legitimate card holder.

Our straight-forward process ensures you’ll receive the correct pricing on these variable items…

If you’ve decided on your new car, Any New Car will make sure you have a genuine opportunity to buy your new car at the lowest possible price. We’re saving new car buyers $1000’s every day!