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Simply fill this form, then click the link in the email we send you to qualify for a genuine fleet discount – even if you’re a private buyer!  

You’ll be leveraging our unmatched buying power to secure the maximum discount. We’re Australia’s first and only new car channel not driven by profit-per-vehicle which means we’re free to deliver you a great experience, and the best price.

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As Australia’s experienced new car negotiators, we have the country’s most reputable, proactive new car departments competing daily for the huge volume of qualified new car business that we handle and channel.

We’ve built our extensive new car network over 17 years and counting. We know exactly who we can call on for the best price on any new car at all times. Any make, any model anywhere in Australia. 


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Instead of wasting your own valuable time traipsing from one new car dealer to the next, you’ll be sitting back while we put our extensive network and proprietary system to work for you.

You’ll be set to enjoy the highest level of personalised service as well secure the maximum new car discount on the new car you’ve chosen to buy. Any new car, wherever you are in Australia.


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Once we’ve confirmed your request by phone, you’re done.

Then – only once your dedicated consultant and their superiors are certain they have:

  • The right car,
  • with the right inclusions,
  • at the right price…

…will your consultant EMAIL you the result of the tender and negotiations.


🏆 You Win

Everything (all the details) will be laid out plainly in writing for you, as promised.

The email you’ll receive will contain all you need to proceed with a purchase if you decide you want to proceed. And if you have any questions your dedicated consultant is only a phone call away.

Our vast network of new car contacts coupled with our unmatched proprietary system has proven to deliver our clients smashing results time and again.

We’re consistently delivering Australian new car buyers the best new car buying experiences week after week.

With Australia’s most experienced new car negotiators on side, you win.

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Any New Car is about you being in control – saving your valuable time and money.

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No Fees, No Memberships – 100% FREE
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