Not all hybrids are created equally. And not all mid-sized SUVs are the same, either.

But in this test we’ve got two of the most popular and practical models you can buy in the medium SUV space, and both of them are petrol-electric hybrids.

Here we have the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid GXL AWD up against the Subaru Forester Hybrid L – and we want to see which is the best option for you.

In this comparison test, we’re looking at a pair of hybrid mid-size SUVs that are designed to meet the needs of family buyers, while also aiming to do their bit for the environment.

Both of these popular models are powered by petrol-electric powertrains, meaning there’s a chance they’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint and lessen the impact on your wallet, too.

The carryover benchmark in this segment of the market is the Toyota RAV4 hybrid, which has been selling up a storm since its arrival in 2019 – and understandably so.

The Toyota RAV4 won CarsGuide’s Car of the Year in 2019, CarsGuide Family Car of the Year, and the hybrid model also won our midsize SUV comparison against a couple of likely competitors.

This is one impressive Toyota hybrid SUV in either two or all-wheel-drive configurations, and we’ve got the GXL AWD variant here, which is our pick of the range.

It’s up against the all-new Subaru Forester Hybrid L, which might well offer an unexpected alternative for buyers after this sort of family-friendly, fuel-sipping motoring.

The company admits it has the RAV4 to thank for a huge demand surge for this type of Forester model in Australia, and in this instance, the Forester L is more affordable than its rival… but we’ll get to all the nitty-gritty about the new Subaru hybrid SUV soon.

This comparison test review will go through important elements like value for money, practicality, safety, how they drive, ownership, and of course, how each of these SUVs performs when it comes to fuel consumption. They’re hybrids, after all!

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