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Our service: Any New Car provides qualified new car buyers with an opportunity to enjoy the discount pricing that large fleet owners enjoy (without having to engage multiple car dealers). Our service is 100% FREE. There are no fees and no memberships. We are remunerated by the advertising we host on our websites. We and our partners may also receive commissions upon facilitating successful sales.

Our commitment to you: We, in collaboration with our partners, will provide you with a genuine opportunity to purchase a new car (or cars) at the lowest possible price without you having to engage car dealers or negotiate. We commit to saving you maximum time and money.


1. You must submit a valid quote request in order to qualify for our service, then click on the link in the email that follows. Requests that contain fake, false or incomplete names and/or phone numbers are deemed invalid and are ignored. Requests with initials only are also deemed invalid and are ignored.

2. We will make reasonable attempts to contact you and assist you in obtaining discount new car pricing, however, if we are unable to engage with you by phone after several attempts, your request will automatically become invalid at our sole discretion.

3. We (Any New Car) and our partners reserve the right to discontinue communication without warning with any person who submits a new car quote request and subsequently becomes aggressive, acts rudely or uses vulgar language.

Please understand: We go to great lengths to ensure that you have an opportunity to purchase your brand new car at the lowest possible price. In order to provide you with this unique opportunity, we will need a reasonable amount of time to secure a firm price for your specific requirement (that is a 'drive-away', complete price) that will enable you to make a well-informed buying decision.

Also, know that... We do not sell cars. We are here simply to serve qualified new car buyers by providing an easy-to-use, free new car buying service. You are in complete control. Only when you tell your consultant that you are 100% satisfied will he/she arrange the next step.

Intentions: You are under no obligation to buy a car through our channels by requesting a quote, however, we ask that you please DO NOT request a quote unless you intend giving us a reasonable chance to assist you in completing your new car purchase via our channels. In other words, if you have no intention of giving us a reasonable opportunity to assist you in your purchase in exchange for our efforts, please do not submit a quote request.

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