The idea of a hybrid version of Subaru’s small XV SUV seems to make complete sense – this is a car that probably spends most of the time in traffic but is owned by people who might like to head down a dirt track occasionally and if it’s green, too, then what more could you want?

That’s what Richard Berry us here to answer, because after real-world testing the XV Hybrid he found out.

Yes, in many ways it had everything and in others he was left wanting.

On one hand the XV Hybrid is excellent and on the other it’s… not. It’s great to drive on and off the road, the fit and finish of the cabin is superb and the safety tech is outstanding. On the other, the value for money isn’t good when you consider that it’s almost the most expensive XV, but still doesn’t have sat nav, nor dual-zone climate control, nor the larger display. And then there’s the fuel economy. Even if we had have matched the 6.5L/100km Subaru says we should get the saving is a mere 500ml for every 100km compared to a straight-petrol XV. The plug-in hybrid version of the XV as sold in the United States can get about 2.6L/100km. Now that type hybrid XV makes far more sense.

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