Should I Buy Paint Protection on My New Car?

New Car Paint Protection Q&A | The Ultimate Car Paint Protection Guide For Australian New Car Buyers

By Dean Kendall, Any New Car | Current at 13th August 2022

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Image Source: Mazda Australia

Should I buy paint protection on my new car? Because we’re asked this question every day, we thought we’d better answer this question once and for all. And the others we get asked too.


Does Paint Protection work?


Isn’t my car’s paintwork treated at the factory anyway?

Answers to these and more are all revealed here in our new car paint protection Q&A.

For most of us, a new car purchase is a big enough drain on energy and finances. Throwing more into the mix after a deal is done on a new car can easily become yet another a drain.

And that’s why we’ve published this Q&A – so you can get the answers you need on new car paint protection in one place and feel confident that you’re making a well-informed decision about car paint protection.

Here’s what we cover here in our Q&A…

🔎 What Does Paint Protection Do, and Does It Really Work?

🔎 Should I Get It From The Dealership?

🔎 What Should I Pay For Car Paint Protection?

🔎 But Isn’t What The Manufacturer Does To The Car at The Factory Enough?

🔎 What If I Choose Not To Get Paint Protection?

What Does Paint Protection Do, and Does It Really Work?

Applied correctly, a high-quality paint protection product adds a very long lasting protective “shell” to your car’s paintwork that repels dust, lessens grime, makes washing easier, doubly effective and completely eliminates the need for polishing.

So does paint protection really work?

If the right product is applied correctly – absolutely.

But don’t run to the dealer yet…

Should I Get It From The Dealership?

That’s of course entirely up to you but here are a few things you should know…

Dealerships use their aftermarket department (that’s the department that specifically sells paint protection and other aftermarket products and services) to ‘put money back in the deal’ – meaning – if the dealership doesn’t make as much as they would have liked selling you a car, they can use their aftermarket department to build some profit back into the deal.

Or, if they’ve made lots of money, they can now make even more.

This is made possible for them due to…

(a) the price of car paint protection being hyper-inflated at dealerships since it’s inception.

And (b) due to people having their guard down… they’re “high” from the excitement of having just bought (put a deposit on) a new car, or exhausted from the rigmarole of buying a new car – or both.

If you’ve bought new cars before you’ll have noticed that dealerships always make paint protection an add-on after you buy your new car. It’s never part of the new car price negotiation.

They wheel people into their aftermarket department right when they are on a high from having just bought (put a deposit on) a new car… their guard is down and all the pressure of buying a new car is off. A perfect time to urge customers to protect their investment.

And it really is a perfect time because paint protection is absolutely worth getting – without a doubt.

But it’s not worth paying more than you should for it.

What Should I Pay For Car Paint Protection?

Most people aren’t aware that its best to arrange car paint protection yourself after you’ve taken delivery of your car – that’s how to get the best possible job done for the least amount of outlay.

Did you know?

You can (and should) have paint protection applied professionally by a properly trained technician who specialises in nothing but car paint protection.

Here’s why…

The difference between just having paint protection done, and having it *done well* is actually visible. And the positive flow-on effects of having paint protection done by a paint protection specialist keep giving for years.

When paint protection is applied correctly – the right amount, evenly applied with complete care and attention to detail the results are visibly remarkable. Even astonishing.

Plus – all the benefits you get from paint protection are even more amplified – that is: more dust repelled, less grime build up, easier washing and much better results from washing.

And then there’s – no need to polish (ever).

Paint protection can be applied professionally by a specialist technician at your work car park, at your home or somewhere close by for much less than you’ll pay at a dealership. But as we’ve just pointed out, it’s not just about the price, its got to be done well. Done right.

So – what should you pay for the right paint protection? Certainly less than you’ll pay at a dealership…

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But Isn’t What The Manufacturer Does To The Car at The Factory Enough?

Although most new car manufacturers paint jobs now are very good, paintwork is more-often glossed over on new car warranties. And what’s done at the factory just won’t and can’t add the benefits that good paint protection can add… that protective “shell”, the finish that repels dust, lessons grime, makes washing easier and doubly effective… or the extensive cover (warranty) that comes good paint protection.

Paint protection (the one we recommend) is insisted upon by fleet owners of trucks, aircraft and sea vessels all over the world because it really does protect and preserve the paintwork on their very expensive business assets and infrastructure. Paint protection helps preserve their fleets worth and adds value as they go to sell or changeover – and it can do the same for you.

Car paint protection is popular in Australia for pretty obvious reasons – our roads are not always great, our weather can be very harsh on cars, “our land is girt by sea” and Australians for the most part really like to take pride in and look after their cars.

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What If I Choose Not To Get Paint Protection?

That’s fine but without trying to sound dramatic, by choosing not to get paint protection your car’s paintwork will be exposed to long list destructive elements – degrading and destroying your car’s finish and diminishing its look and life.

Things like…

⛅ Ultra Violet Fading.
☔  Acid Rain Etching (etching appears as rough, crescent or circular-shaped marks where the raindrops evaporate on unprotected paint).
💩 Bird Lime and/or Bat Poo.
🛣  Road Salts.
☠ Nasty Wash Chemicals.
👋 Whatever Kids Have on Their Hands e.g. Sunscreen or worse.
🏄 Salt Air (from being near the ocean).

Protection against these elements just isn’t there on factory paint.

Good car paint protection forms a real barrier between the elements and your car’s paintwork as-well-as giving you peace of mind through a dedicated and comprehensive car paintwork cover (warranty).

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And these are the kind of results you can expect…