New Car Research Guide

First up we have an ordered list of points to consider when researching, and buying a new car. But if you’re already decided on the new car you’re buying, click here to get the best price.

📋 Your New Car Needs

These questions will help you jot down your specific needs, prompt some ‘must-haves’ and open up some considerations. Maybe even start some fights… #sorrynotsorry
  • Will this car be a first or second car?
  • Who will be the main driver?
  • Manual or automatic transmission?
  • Do we really need a 4-wheel drive? Or all-wheel drive?
  • What are the must-haves as far as safety features are concerned?
  • Is there a minimum space requirement? – Think kids, sports, hobbies and work. Interior room and the amount of luggage-carrying capacity is extremely important in this decision.
  • Towing requirement? Caravan? Trailer?
  • Will the car easily fit in our parking area or garage?
  • How many people will need to travel in this car at any one time?
  • What kind of driving do you do most often? Quick city dashes, highway or combination?
  • How long are your regular commutes?
  • How important is fuel economy in the decision?
  • Have you thought about colour?
  • Will the car be garaged?

New Car Budget

Whether leasing or buying, having a monthly payment you know you’ll be able to meet is key. Car payments, as a general rule, should not exceed 20% of your monthly take-home pay. If you’re interested in doing some initial calculations on car payments, the Red Car Finance Calculator may come in handy. Also consider the ‘cost of ownership’ below.

Buy or Lease?

Some Advantages of Buying:
  • Flexibility – Sell at any time.
  • No fear of owing more than the car may be worth.
  • No interest.
Some advantages of New Car Leasing:
  • The possibility of driving a better car
  • Regular upgrades if structured carefully
  • Tax advantages in business
  • Need finance? Make a New Car Loan enquiry.

Cost of New Car Ownership

This is one of the most overlooked factors in a new car purchase. Although the drive-away price is very important, cost of ownership is an ever-present reality once you own the car, or go to sell it. Consider insurance premiums, service intervals and cost, fuel economy and depreciation.

The Test Drive

At the point of test-driving, letting a salesperson know that you are still in the research phase of your car buying process is an ideal way avoid any pressure, time-wasting or embarrassment… It’s a good idea to also do any test driving in one morning or afternoon to get accurate comparisons.

Avoiding Pressure From Salespeople

If you’re asked something like: “What if we could do something special for you now… while you’re here?” Remember this: It is difficult to really know what the lowest price actually is – especially when a factory-driven promotion is running. Our free new car broker service will mean you have absolute assurance of the best new car price. Aside from the price, there are many variables to keep your eye on. Using our new car buying service will ensure all matters are dealt with in a tidy, professional manner. We’ll raise the questions that you didn’t even know you should ask ensuring that you secure exactly the right new car, at exactly the right price. IMPORTANT: Take the time to get the seat adjustment exactly right. Drive as you would normally – the new car should feel ‘right’ fairly quickly, or at least by the time you return if it’s the car for you. Get in and out of the car a couple of times – Open and close the doors and hatches – check the interior spacing. After you’ve had a chance to go away and think about it, ask yourself: Overall, will we be happy in 2, 3 or more years?

New Car Research Checklist

  • Compared cars of interest in the same class.
  • Good idea of the new car cost/affordability.
  • Decided on whether to buy or lease.
  • Test-driven top choices.
  • Options / Accessories.
  • Colour
If you’ve been able to check all in the New Car Research Checklist above, you’re ready to save maximum time and money with Any New Car Get the best price on your new car… You may also like: How To Choose The Best New Car For You