10th August 2022


PREMIUM Paint Protection INCLUDING Interior Protection (Fabric/Leather) with Warranty ✔

$1,795 $888

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After your payment has been processed we’ll be in touch to arrange everything. If you’re waiting to take delivery of your car, we’ll stay in touch and arrange the treatment once you’ve taken delivery but taking advantage of the sale price now is recommended.

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Yes, that’s no problem. Please email support@anynewcar.com.au as soon as you have taken delivery and we’ll be happy to arrange the treatment to be done at your home or work.

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Although most new car manufacturers paint jobs now are very good, paintwork is more-often glossed over on new car warranties.

And what’s done at the factory just won’t and can’t add the benefits that good paint protection can add… that protective “shell”, the finish that repels dust, lessons grime, makes washing easier and doubly effective or the extensive cover (warranty) that comes with a PREMIUM paint protection product like Toughseal.

Toughseal is insisted upon by fleet owners of trucks, aircraft and sea vessels all over the world because it really does protect and preserve the paintwork on their very expensive business assets and infrastructure. Paint protection helps preserve their fleets worth and adds value as they go to sell or changeover – and it can do the same for you.

Car paint protection is popular in Australia for pretty obvious reasons – our roads are not always great, our weather can be very harsh on cars, “our land is girt by sea” and Australians for the most part really like to take pride in and look after their cars.

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Without trying to sound dramatic, by choosing not to get paint protection your car’s paintwork will be exposed to long list destructive elements – degrading and destroying your car’s finish and diminishing its look and life.

Things like…

⛅ Ultra Violet Fading.
💦 Acid Rain Etching (etching appears as rough, crescent or circular-shaped marks where the raindrops evaporate on unprotected paint).
💩 Bird Lime and/or Bat Poo.
🚘 Road Salts.
💀 Nasty Wash Chemicals.
👋 Whatever Kids Have on Their Hands e.g. Sunscreen or worse.
🌊 Salt Air (from being near the ocean).

Protection against these elements just isn’t there on factory paint.

Premium grade car paint protection (like Toughseal) forms a real barrier between the elements and your car’s paintwork as-well-as giving you peace of mind through a dedicated and comprehensive car paintwork cover (warranty).

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We only work with Fully Insured Automotive Paint and Fabric Protection Specialists. This is all they do.

The difference between just having any paint protection done (just ticking the box), and having it *done well* by a Specialist Technician using Premium Products is actually visible. And the positive flow-on effects of having paint protection done by a paint protection specialist will keep giving for years to come.

When a vehicle is prepared properly first (most don’t do this by the way but with Toughseal its mandatory), and premium product is applied correctly – the right amount evenly applied with complete care and attention to detail the results are visibly remarkable. Even astonishing.

Plus – all the benefits you get from paint protection are even more amplified – that is: more dust repelled, less grime build up, easier washing and much better results from washing.

And then there’s – no need to polish (ever). #boom

It’s not just about the price, its got to be done well. Done right.

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Your car’s protection package will be applied by fully insured, approved Toughseal Applicator and will, therefore, come with a Limited Lifetime/200,000 km Warranty (whichever comes first).

Your Technician will write out your Warranty and hand it to you or leave in your vehicle at the completion of the job. No annual vehicle inspection is required.




Outstanding Results Year-on-Year with Toughseal

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Since 2010, we’ve worked together with Toughseal and their approved Technicians – delivering Australian car owners and buyers PREMIUM Car Paint, Fabric and Leather Protection Packages.

And saving our customers as much $300, $500 even $1,000 on car paint and fabric protection never gets old either!


The Toughseal Advantage – It’s Visible

Toughseal adds a very long lasting protective “shell” to your car’s paintwork which means:

⚪ Your car repels significantly more dust…

⚪ …which dramatically lessens its collection of road grime…

⚪ …which in-turn makes washing MUCH easier AND doubly effective. The sheen is visible.

Its all thanks to the superior durability of the highly polished protective “shell” that only Toughseal (and an applicator who really cares) can add to your car.

And that’s what we deliver our customers – long-lasting, true protection you can see.

Look at the results…

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