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Price New Suzuki

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New Suzuki Models

New Suzuki Alto
New Suzuki Swift
New Suzuki Sx4
New Suzuki Jimny
Suzuki Grand Vitara
New Suzuki Kizashi

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About Suzuki

Suzuki began business as Suzuki Loom Works in 1909 and has had a colourful history. The Suzuki brand name has grown steadily throughout history.

Suzuki earned a reputation for reliability and quality around the World War 2 period firstly with their motorised bike called the Power Free. The 125cc Suzuki Colleda motorbike followed, then came the Suzulight – a lightweight motor car responsible for the Japanese automotive revolution.

Suzuki was, and in many ways still is considered a leader in automotive development with the advent of some significant technological advances, and the optimisation of vehicle reliability in general.

Suzuki has made a significant impact in motorsport – the Suzuki stable includes champions like Barry Sheene, Kevin Schwantz, Ricky Carmichael and Monster Tajima. Suzuki Swift and SX4 hatches are now also set to solidify Suzuki’s presence in the World Rally Championships.

Suzuki cars are famous for offering high-quality, reliable motoring of excellent value and superior reliability.

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Please note: Any New Car are not dealers or distributors of Suzuki products, nor are we affiliated with Suzuki in any way. We have forged relationships with Suzuki Dealers that have expressed a willingness to provide Any New Car clients special pricing, and the very highest level of service. Using Any New Car as your new car broker will not affect any privileges you may be offered as a Suzuki owner.

Your new car warranty will be supplied to you and validated in full by your supplying Suzuki Dealer. You'll also receive any other post-sale benefits the Suzuki Dealer network offer their owners.

The Any New Car Advantage is that you'll save time and money as you won't have the hassle of negotiating price and other important details.