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Best price on new Mazda 2

Mazda 2 Review

The all new Mazda 2 encapsulates all that the Zoom Zoom brand promises the small car buyer and is receiving positive accolades the world over. The Mazda 2 is the next Mazda to boast the further refinements of the Mazda DNA of Distinctive Design, Exceptional Functionality, and Responsive Handling and Performance’.

Mazda has been meticulous in ensuring the new Mazda 2 delivers superior fuel-efficiency as to reduce emissions of CO2 and other gas emissions that compromise the environment. This has also been achieved by weight minimisation in the new Mazda 2 – by reducing the weight of the 2, Mazda reports that the fuel economy of the new model will improve even further.

The new Mazda 2 is about 100kg lighter than its predecessor and also boasts some major improvements to it’s performance specifically in terms of safety, noise, rigidity of the body, vibration and harshness – these are all the attributes that tend to exacerbate excess weight in a vehicle.

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With its significantly enhanced powertrain and improved aerodynamic performance, the New Mazda 2 will deliver class-leading fuel economy. Mazda are calling it their “super little model”.

The new Mazda 2 lines are having a broad appeal worldwide. Mazda describes the new look as approachable, gentle and athletic bearing all the hallmarks of the Mazda DNA in their autumn edition of their “Mazda Life” Magazine – an exterior design that exudes movement and solidity, even when it’s parked!

The new Mazda 2’s interior is described as sporty and dynamic – it features silver accents on a contrast of black. Like the previous Mazda 2 model, the interior cabin is by no means cramped inside.

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The new Mazda 2 handling is reported as brisk, stable and quiet. Mazda has pursued a stability that inspires confidence even at highway speeds and a ride that is steady, quiet and comfortable.

The new Mazda 2 glove box section features a magazine rack to store atlases, road maps and the like without having to open the actual glove box itself. There’s also 44 more millimetres depth between driver and passenger seats meeting previous model owners requests for a stable place to store handbags close by.

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