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Our Kia Rio Review

New Kia Rio ReviewAustralians have always rated the Kia Rio (with their wallets) as a reliable, economical, safe and stylish new car.

It’s new flowing coupe-type look, inclusions of latest technology and low fuel emissions have only served to increase the Rio’s popularity – something we’ve certainly noticed here at Any New Car.

The Kia Rio is a stand-out small car in the Australian new car market. 5 door practicality on offer, a low and dynamic profile, and a wide stance with noticeably great handling tick some of the most important boxes on Australian’s small car shopping lists.

The ‘Reborn Rio’ style flows into it’s interior as well – there’s plenty of good cabin space and it includes the safety features and high-tech inclusions more likely found in much larger family sedans and wagons.

As Kia Australia’s advertising suggests, the european-designed ‘Reborn Rio’ has moved from being cute, to a car that commands real respect. It’s 6 speed transmission is nothing short of remarkable, and the 103kW developed from it’s new GDi engine certainly packs a smart little punch. The drive definitely is sporty and dynamic for a car of it’s size.

Some of Rio’s safer and smarter features are daytime running lights with rear combination lamps, and LED side repeaters making sure all is bright and you’re easily seen in all conditions.

Inside The New Kia Rio

New Kia Rio DashDriver comfort is enhanced by an ergonomically designed cockpit – a refined smorgasbord of features and technology are in easy reach thanks to an intuitively designed dash. All switches are conveniently positioned right down to audio and cruise control mounted on the steering wheel so there’s even less need to take your hands of the wheel.

There’s also an on-board trip computer embedded in the Rio’s supervision cluster that’s easy to see and read. Finding the perfect driving position is easy too. The Rio has a sporty feeling steering wheel that’s both tilt and telescopically adjustable.

Kia Rio buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to configuration: there’s a 3 door, 4 door and 5 door version so whatever your practical needs are, the Rio has it covered – and whatever model you opt for; functionality, comfort and economy are all there in abundance.

New Kia Rio AudioIt’s a prerequisite that cars these days have premium level audio systems. In the case of the Kia Rio an Arkamys Virtual Sound System delivers a rich and detailed sound with consistent mids and a generous depth of bass. There are also 3 connection ports for you to plug in your own external devices.

If your work requires that you have some extra loads from time to time, or you like hitting the road for the odd weekend adventure, the Rio boasts 288 litres of very useable luggage space so both work, and lifestyle are taken care of when it comes to cargo space.

The Rio Combines Power and Safety

New Kia Rio SafetyPower and safety are combined beautifully in the Kia Rio. The Rio offers a great balance of power, fuel efficiency, low emissions and high level safety. A brigade of passive and active safety features are deployed in the event of a side or frontal collision – the structural framework is specifically designed to absorb impact and disperse force to protect precious occupants.

There are 2 engines on offer – the new 1.4 MPi Gamma series petrol engine, and the 1.6 GDi petrol engine which happens to be the only in it’s class offering power beyond 100kW. The 1.4 MPi Gamma has proven to be smooth, reliable and economical. For more detailed specifications, you may like to visit the Kia Rio section of the Kia Australia website.

In summary, the Kia Rio really does balance safety, technology, comfort and space very well. This small car has been brilliantly designed to deliver real practicality, and genuine driving enjoyment.

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How the new KIA Rio has been tailored to suit the Australian road conditions (you may laugh)…



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