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Our Kia Optima Review

New Kia Optima ReviewThe new Kia Optima combines a low-slung, sporty silhouette and high-level comfort and performance very well. This popular mid-sized sedan has an assured, bold style and does deliver an exceptional drive.

The Optima is both manoeuvrable and agile – great for city driving, and when you hit the highway, performance and power are right there, waiting your command.

When comes to the looks department, the Kia Optima has the goods. The coupe-type profile, sweeping lines and sporty 18” alloy wheels to finish off. Enhanced aerodynamics deliver superior handling, excellent stability and competitive fuel efficiency.

Inside the New Kia Optima

New Kia Optima InteriorThe inside finish is refined, and the attention to detail is immediately evident. Five adults can be seated comfortably in the Optima’s plush leather seats, and the Optima’s ample storage has been carefully thought out.

Music has been prioritised in the Kia Optima. Whether your music come from CD’s, an iPod®, MP3 player or a USB memory stick, premium sound can be controlled via steering-wheel mounted controls which makes driving while listening to your favourite music the pleasure it should be.

Kia Optima Safety

Kia’s commitment to safety on the new Optima begins with body parts that incorporate ultra-high tensile steel both for rigidity and impact resistance. There is also active safety technology like traction control and electronic stability control – both of which help driver maintain control of the vehicle when challenging driving situations present themselves.

New Kia Optima Driving

Passive safety technology also abounds: 6 airbags and active headrests are activated automatically if needed to protect all vehicle occupants. All the above has earned the Optima a 5 Star ANCAP Safety Rating.

Optima Powertrain

The Optima runs a lightweight Theta II 2.4 litre petrol direct injection (GDI) engine. An ‘active ECO system’ keeps fuel consumption modest, while keeping emissions low. This coupled with a smooth 6 speed automatic transmission produces an ample 148kW of power and 250Nm of torque. Fun, and fuel efficiency have been extremely well balanced.

For more details on the new Kia Optima, visit Kia Australia’s Kia Optima page, or…

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