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About Kia

As Korea’s oldest car manufacturer Kia has a rich history. Founded in 1944, Kia is also the second largest car maker in Korea. The company then known as Kyungsung Precision Industry produced the first domestic bicycle in Korea and went on to produce Korea’s first motorcycle, and first truck. In another first, Kia was the first company in Korea to produce a domestic diesel engine and petrol driven car engines.

Kia was recognised in 1979 as European car makers Fiat and Peugeot chose Kia to build their Fiat 132 and the Peugeot 604. By the 1980’s it was Ford approaching Kia to manufacture their Festiva, firstly in the US, then the rest of the world. Kia produced two generations of the Ford base model for Australia in the late 80’s.

Kia now produces a highly diverse range of new cars that are selling all over the world in 190 countries. Kia’s Hwasung plant produces 600,000 Kia’s annually, whilst the Sohari operation produces 340,000 units. Kia’s commercial vehicles are produced at their Kwangju plant. This plant manufactures 210,000 Kia commercial vehicles per year.

The Kia main research and development operation is located in Namyang, Korea. There are other Kia research and development centres located in the United States, Germany and Japan. Kia opened a vehicle testing facility in the US in 2003 in California’s Mojave Desert and now boast a strong network of 156 global distributors. Kia also have 12 overseas subsidiaries.

Kia Australia

Kia Australia has been running for well over a decade now and there are now thousands of Kia cars on Australia’s roads. There are as many as 125 Kia Dealers spread across Australia.

The Kia story continues successfully in Australia as Kia sponsor high profile sporting events such as the Australian Open tennis championships. As a result of Kia’s vibrant marketing, the Kia brand name continues to gain recognition and momentum here in Australia.

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