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Price new Isuzu Ute…

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The Isuzu Ute Story

Isuzu is Japan’s longest-established auto maker and is renowned for making one of the world’s best trucks.

Australia saw its first Isuzu truck roll off the docks in the early 70’s, since then, Isuzu has developed a well-earned reputation for making a tough, versatile and reliable truck. Isuzu’s catch phrase says it all: “choose your Isuzu carefully (you know how long they last)”.

Hard work, consistency, and dedication over the years has seen Isuzu in Australia become a clear market leader in its class. The Isuzu Australia website reports this market leadership position has been running consecutively for some 18 years. (Report courtesy of ERG Truck Tracker December 2006).

Isuzu Australia are all about reliability. Not just their trucks, but also their people. Isuzu have invested much into providing their customers a high level of care, as well as practical support.

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