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Hyundai in Australia

Hyundai has now stood the test of time here in Australia. Once known as the Korean carmaker that produced low-priced “drive-away, no more to pay” small cars, Hyundai today is one of the world’s fastest growing full-line car manufacturers and is now being recognised not only for its quality, but also for its variety of models and innovative ideas. Hyundai is now on a mission to make it into the world’s top five auto makers.

Hyundai Australia report on their website that independent quality surveys conducted in the USA and UK are revealing that an increasing number of motoring experts are placing Hyundai in the same segment as Japanese, American and European manufacturers.

Hyundai were the first in Australia to offer a 5 year unlimited kilometre factory warranty. This communicates a definite confidence in their product. Providing high-quality vehicles that represent excellent value for money is one of Hyundai’s minimum standards still, as well as a strong commitment to deliver their owners the latest technological advances.

For over 20 years now, the Hyundai has been a significant part of Australia’s automotive landscape. The Hyundai brand continues to cement their reputation of delivering Australia innovative and affordable motor cars.

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