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About FPV

Founded in 2002, FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) is Ford’s Melbourne-based official performance tuning division of Ford Australia.

FPV roots go back as far as 1991 when Tickford joined forces with Ford Australia. The partnership between Ford Australia and Tickford saw the original Ford Falcon XR6 and XR8 models produced.

It was in 2000 that FTE (Ford-Tickford Experience) was initiated in an attempt to encroach on HSV (Holden Special Vehicle) sales. It was at this time that FTE released their T-Series.

Although FTE was quite well received, the impact that was FTE had anticipated never happened. As a consequence, the FTE name was replaced with “FPV” – Ford Performance Vehicles. This launch was lead by the new Falcon-based FPV GT. All Tickford branding then ceased.

Although FPV hasn’t quite rivalled HSV, there have been periods when FPV sedans have outsold HSV sedans. And the motoring press have written plenty of favourable reports on FPV’s offerings. The FPV F6 Typhoon won 2006 Motor Magazine’s Australian Performance Car Of The Year in 2006.

Whether its a new FPV F6 Tornado, F6 Typhoon, Force 6, Force 8, Gt, Gtp, Pursuit or Super Pursuit – anynewcar will save you time and money.

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Please note: Any New Car are not dealers or distributors of FPV products, nor are we affiliated with FPV in any way. We have forged relationships with FPV Dealers that have expressed a willingness to provide Any New Car clients special pricing, and the very highest level of service. Using Any New Car as your new car broker will not affect any privileges you may be offered as a FPV owner.

Your new car warranty will be supplied to you and validated in full by your supplying FPV Dealer. You'll also receive any other post-sale benefits the FPV Dealer network offer their owners.

The Any New Car Advantage is that you'll save time and money as you won't have the hassle of negotiating price and other important details.