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New Chrysler 300C HEMI
New Chrysler 300C SRT-8

New Chrysler Grand Voyager Limited
New Chrysler Grand Voyager LX

About Chrysler

Chrysler was founded in the United States of America by Mr. Walter P. Chrysler on June 6, 1925. The Maxwell Motor Company in Tarrytown, New York was re-organized and then named the Chrysler Corporation.

Chrysler LLC have been independently been producing motor cars since 1925 and from 1914 under the name of Dodge. From 1998 to 2007, Chrysler (and its subsidiaries) were a part of the German-based DaimlerChrysler AG after a deal that was dubbed the “Merger of Equals” took place in 1998. Before 1998, the Chrysler Corporation traded under the “C” symbol on the New York Stock Exchange.

Chrysler in Australia

Australians have enjoyed decades of Chrysler motoring – who could forget that awesome “Charger”? Chrysler have always brought a distinctive look, and often powerful performance to the market for those drivers who seek something special.

This is still reflected today with innovative models such as the intimidating 300C, the striking PT Cruiser, and legendary Crossfire – all exude the flair that Chrysler has become so well-known for.

Whether its a new Chrysler 300C Sedan, 300C Touring or Grand Voyager, Any New Car is here to ensure your entire Chrysler buying experience is easy and pleasurable…



Please note: Any New Car are not dealers or distributors of Chrysler products, nor are we affiliated with Chrysler in any way. We have forged relationships with Chrysler Dealers that have expressed a willingness to provide Any New Car clients special pricing, and the very highest level of service. Using Any New Car as your new car broker will not affect any privileges you may be offered as a Chrysler owner.

Your new car warranty will be supplied to you and validated in full by your supplying Chrysler Dealer. You'll also receive any other post-sale benefits the Chrysler Dealer network offer their owners.

The Any New Car Advantage is that you'll save time and money as you won't have the hassle of negotiating price and other important details.