You might have some traditional notions of what a “sports car” is.

Low and light, slick and aerodynamic, purely mechanical and centred around the driver. These notions may have held true for a long time, but in an age where Lamborghini makes a Touareg-based super SUV is there room for those parameters to move?

Especially with consumer sentiment indicating the somewhat oxymoronic idea of a low-slung coupe SUV with an AMG powertrain is more than just a niche. Mercedes told us the previous generation GLE coupe was a major success, amassing up to 25 per cent of the model line’s sales split, and its research indicated a buyer of this massive SUV was drawn to its “performance, style and technology” and was even “a motorsport fan.”

Sounds like this buyer would have once been looking for a ‘sports car’ and like it or not, performance coupe SUVs are here to stay. But does the new GLE53 Coupe really make for a compelling experience behind the wheel? We found out at its local launch.

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