The Mercedes-AMG Mercedes-AMG 63 S packs SpaceX-worthy thrust courtesy of AMG's 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. Now, the SUV update version has arrived, with some useful upgrades and a deep suspicion that someone, somewhere thought the car needed some changes.

And they may be right, because in SUV, it has a bunch of hard-charging competitors to deal with, including the F-Pace SVR and BMW X3 and X4 M twins.

So under a scorching hot Bathurst sun, we examined the box-fresh Mercedes-AMG 63 S for signs of nefarious activity, hoping things have not changed for the worse just because there are a couple of challengers in town.

The Mercedes-AMG 63 S is the same boisterous, silly car I drove 18 months ago, just with a few new bits to improve the package. As ever, the Mercedes-AMG 63 S is all about the experience – big noise, huge grip but all in comfort with plenty of gadgets.

The only real issues are price, service pricing and the length of the warranty. The first two probably won't bother most owners and one hopes the third won't be problem, but it would be nice if the length was reflected in the price.

If you care about badge, it has impeccable credentials, the AMG stripes and that plate on the engine with the builder's name. They're good credentials. The Mercedes-AMG 63 S has some very determined and capable competition, but none of them blend the speed, overall comfort and sheer sensory silliness of the AMG.

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