The Mazda CX-8 is a large seven-seat SUV, but it’s not quite as big as the Mazda CX-9. The smaller size means it feels a bit more usable and also a bit more accessible for smaller families.

Because you don’t have to have a huge family to want a huge car (you might just want more boot space!), this CX-8 makes it feel like that’s okay.

I test drove the CX-8 Sport in petrol 2WD which costs $39,910, before on-road costs. Quite good value to get such a big car at just under $40K.

It competes with cars like the Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorrento, and VW Tiguan Allspace, and I drove it over seven days for this week’s family review.

The Mazda CX-8 Sport 2WD is a great car with enough space for those with five kids, but also great for smaller families, like my family of four. I particularly enjoyed having a large boot and also appreciated the two spare seats in the back – just in case we wanted to use them.

It drives really well and it doesn’t feel too big, plus it has good safety and technology.

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