Size matters. No matter what you may have heard, bigger is better for a lot of people out there. And the LDV T60 Mega Tub 2020 model is on the plus-size side of large.

This new model – based on the existing T60 Luxe dual cab variant – takes the existing T60 double cab and adds a bigger tub to the back. Hence the brilliant name: Mega Tub.

It’s a fitting name for this version of the Chinese-made twin cab, with the tub offering an additional 275mm of length over the standard dual-cab T60. In fact, it offers about the same amount of tray length that you’d usually find in a space-cab ute, but without any compromised practicality in the cabin.

At an aggressive price point, its main rival is the also-very-long SsangYong Musso XLV, as well as second-hand models that will fall short of the cargo capacity space this model has.

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