What you’re seeing right here is a large, seven-seat SUV that comes in without the large price tag.

It’s the LDV D90 Executive and it’s the top of the range, at just $43,990 driveaway. That price is a huge temptation for anyone in the seven-seat SUV market who wants a proper 4WD at the lower end of the price spectrum.

The LDV is in competition with cars like the Holden Acadia and Ford Everest, both of which offer lower-end models at around this price. Does the Chinese-born LDV have what it takes to compete with Ford and Holden? I test drove it over seven days with my family to find out.

The LDV D90 is a decent competitor in this category, especially at the price. There is lots of interior space, the boot is huge, the safety is great and it drives … well enough. It’s let down by a few things that could easily be refined to make it feel like a more quality driving experience.

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