The Land Rover Defender has always been synonymous with off-road adventure. All of us have a Defender memory or experience – or perhaps many memories and many experiences – and all of us have, at least, one friend or relative who is a mad-keen, die-hard Defender-lover.

Even those people with little knowledge or experience of the outdoors know the name and recognise the vehicle.

The Defender has always been a vehicle full of appeal; very capable off-road but rather ordinary on-road with few concessions to safety, comfort or actual drivability. Well, none if I’m being honest. But it remained much-loved.

So, in 2016, when Land Rover called time on the then-current Defender after 68 2021s of production, there was a collective groan of despair and disbelief around the world – even from those who take pleasure in disparaging the Defender as merely a puddle of leaking oil looking for a place to park.

Well, taking on what was really was an impossible task – creating a new Defender that easily slots into a modern SUV/4WD market and yet still embodies the spirit of the old Defender – Land Rover revealed the new Defender in September 2019 and recently staged its Aussie launch in regional NSW.

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