This comparison test is looking at two of the most practical compact SUVs on the market today – the stalwart Honda HR-V and the newly arrived Volkswagen T-Cross.

These two models bring big practicality to the light SUV market, with interior smarts that belie their pint-sized exterior dimensions. Both are very close in size, and the specs we have here – the Honda HR-V RS and the VW T-Cross 85TSI Style – they’re close on price, too.

This comparison test review will look at important things like value for money, fuel efficiency, practicality, safety, how they drive, ownership and more.

And in a twist to the usual format, I’ve been spending months with this particular Honda HR-V RS as a long-term loan car, so I’ve got to know it very well. I also did more than 600 kilometres in the T-Cross over my time with it, so this test is a particularly comprehensive look at the strengths and weaknesses of these two small SUVs.

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