This is one of the cars that would be on my shopping list if I was looking for a new family SUV that didn’t cost an astronomically large figure.

The Honda CR-V is a mid-sized SUV that covers a lot of bases for a family, and this top-spec model is competitively priced when compared to other top specs in the category like the Mazda CX-5 and the Volkswagen Tiguan.

It’s called the CR-V VTi-LX and it’s the five-seat, AWD version which costs $44,290 before on road costs.

It’s a large looking car with a fair amount of bulk to it. It’s not going to win any awards for its refinement or modern exterior, but I don’t think that really matters.

It looks solid, with a big front end and square-ish rear, and certainly like it will contain your family on the road, which is actually an appealing quality, even if the car itself is not that attractive.

Inside is stylish and you feel good driving this model. The seats are leather appointed, the steering wheel and gear shifter are leather and feel great and there is a large panoramic sunroof which makes everything feel more premium.

The centre console is well designed with a mix of glossy black and matt black finishes.

You’ll still find man-made finishes inside the CR-V and it’s not as luxe as the top-of-the-range Mazda CX-5 or Volkswagen Tiguan, but you’re not paying as much either. This is actually quite well priced for what you get.

The Honda CR-V ticks a lot of the criteria you’d be after for a family car. It has a good amount of interior space, enough boot space, it drives well and has good safety.

It’s not the most luxe looking car but I think for this price and all the inclusions it does well on value and it feels good to drive.

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