The Ford Ranger Wildtrak has achieved icon status. It’s the ute people refer to as the one they want when you ask them… well, that or the Raptor. That station used to be the realm of the SR5 HiLux.

But it’s more than just a kooky variant name – it’s the fact the Wildtrak is based on a benchmark ute in the segment, the Ford Ranger – but with some flashy elements inside and out that separate it from the rest of the range.

Dual-cab utes like this one have become a solution to everyone’s problems. These vehicles are so versatile, so useful, and so popular that they’re becoming a default for people out there who just want a ute that can do anything for them.

So does the Wildtrak offer everything a ute buyer would want? And what’s it like when it comes to actual ute duties? We put some weight in the back to find out.

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is a terrific ute, one that offers the practicality and technology that plenty of buyers are after, with the sporty design elements that plenty also desire.

If you can do without some of those ‘look at me’ extras, you could feasibly choose the XLT model and save yourself about five grand. Either way, you’d be getting into one of the most polished and impressive dual-cab pick-ups on the market today.

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