This section of our website (below) is dedicated to finding you car sales staff. Links in the menu above relate to our main business of new car brokering – not finding car sales staff.

Find New Car Sales Staff

find new car sales staff


New Car Sales Staff – Experienced, Training or Ready To Train

Our extensive new car network built over 17 years has us working alongside Australia’s leading accredited car sales trainers, institutes, dealerships and professional salespeople every day. If you’re seeking the right new car sales staff to complete your team, complete the short form below and we’ll endeavour to introduce you to genuine candidates – those ready help you achieve your goals.

📌 Please be direct and succinct. State where you work, your position and whether you’re interested in training staff from scratch, experienced staff or both. Spam and poor quality submissions are ignored.


Compliance and Submission Form

When helping qualified candidates to find new car sales jobs, per the Private Employment Agents Act of 2005, we adhere, agree with and ensure the following:

    • That a strong ethical base is adopted and maintained when carrying on business as a private employment agency.
    • That the rights of the work seeker are protected.
    • That the clear and enforceable standards set out in the Private Employment Agents Act of 2005 are adhered to and followed.
    • That work seekers are protected against indiscriminate fees being levied for the procurement of employment.
    • That records relating to our transactions as a private employment agency are maintained.
    • That we follow the Private Employment Agents Code of Conduct.