Compare and Buy Car Insurance Online

It pays to compare car insurance quotes before before you buy car insurance online.

Car insurance companies have become aggressively competitive in the current market which means you can save money just by doing a simple online car insurance comparison.

More and more car insurance companies are allowing their customers to tailor their car insurance policies to their various personal situations.

For example, in recent times car insurance companies began recognising the fact that some drivers only use their car very little, while other drivers and in turn offering more competitive premiums based on a drivers personal driving habits.

The advent of online car insurance comparison websites has also forced car insurance companies to to diversify by making even more allowances for individual drivers age, experience, driving history and the type of vehicle that needs insuring.

Car Insurance Tips and Facts

Here are some straight forward tips concerning car insurance:

  • Car insurance policies don’t cover cars that are un-roadworthy. Also, if a car accident is caused by say un-maintained brakes (and it can be proved that the brakes were part of the cause of the accident, a claim may be denied. Always keep your car well maintained.
  • With a Nominated Driver Policy, your cover usually only extends to other drivers if the reason for them driving is an emergency.
  • If the driver is drunk, car insurance policies exclude cover for any damage and liability to others. It is quite common that a driver’s vehicle is assessed as being worth less than the value of property that is damaged in a motor accident.
  • Motor insurance policies of course exclude cover while racing or wreckless driving in an onset of road rage by the insured driver.
  • ‘Agreed Value’ is not always better than ‘Market Value’ because market values are the basis of agreed value at the time of a car insurance assessment anyway.
  • Always thoroughly check your policy to see exactly what is and isn’t covered.
  • Make sure you inform the insurer of any modifications or enhancements your car has whether you had the modifications done or not.
  • Bending the truth with the insurer at the time of your application may appear to save you money, however, when it comes to a claim all will be revealed. Always be completely truthful when you apply for any insurance policy.
  • Fraudulent insurance claims are pursued aggressively by insurers.
  • Compare car insurance policies to make sure you find the policy that best suits your needs.