Guide To Getting The Best Price on New Car Options and Accessories

When negotiating new car options and accessories, keep an eye on the big picture.

Yes it’s wise to be informed about the value of options and accessories, but ultimately focussing on the bottom line will obtain the overall best price without unnecessary headaches.

Although it’s important to keep an eye on all items – it’s a trap (or a diversion) to get too focused on individual items in the mix – example: trade-in price or accessory pricing. Concentrate on the overall drive-away price, or changeover price if you’re trading in.

The idea is to make sure all your desired options and accessories are in the mix before you tackle price – reason being, if you attempt to negotiate pricing on accessories or options after you’ve agreed on a changeover price (if trading in) – or a straight purchase price, you no longer have the leverage to negotiate pricing on any options or accessories…

…remember, dealers are in the business of selling cars, not accessories. If the car is sold (you’ve agreed on the car price or changeover price), the dealerships new car department is not really that fussed whether you decide to take the reverse parking sensors at $795 or not.

So… get everything in the mix before you start, and then negotiate the bottom line – you will get a much lower price overall. And, it’s much easier.

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