Negotiating a New Car Deal

When negotiating a new car deal, price must come last. Positioning is the one of the main things hindering buyers when negotiating new car price.

Securing the best price on a new car chiefly lies in your actual ability (or readiness) to commit by means of a deposit. If you attempt to address the issue of price before you’re in a position to commit to a new car purchase you can compromise:

  1. Your credibility – losing or compromising your ability to actually secure a great deal when you are truly ready – The “boy who cried wolf” theory.
  2. You will compromise your ability to attract excellent and/or favourable service from the company or person you deal with.
  3. You waste your own time, the consultant’s time, and other key people at the dealership you’ll be looking for favour from later (more on this below). In short, you’ll compromise your ability to achieve the goal, that is, buy a car for the best price…

If buying from a dealer, churning through companies attempting to quickly obtain “best price” without being ready or committed is both fruitless, and a colossal waste of your time for so many reasons…

Dealers won’t commit to a genuinely great price (the best) without qualifying whether or not a potential buyer is ready to commit to actually buying. The dealer’s perspective is: “Why lose profit, and the deal?” – unless the dealer has a commitment from you to buy (on the basis that the price is right), your unlikely to get anything firm, or in writing from them as you may have already discovered…

1 of 2 things will likely happen 1. You’ll get a conservative price that they’ll say will be able to be improved upon when you come back, or 2. they may do what is called ‘ghost’ you – that is, give an unrealistically low price so that when you return, and it comes to the crunch, there’s more money to pay, or “…that promotions over now, we’ll have to re-look at it” or “…we’ve sold that particular car”… wearing you out, then walking you up. Not all dealers do this, but some do.

So what’s the answer? Get your new car research done first. Then tackle the price on the basis you’ve decided exactly what to buy – it always prevents frustration and time-wasting.

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If you’ve decided on the exact the new car you’re buying, and you’d like us to negotiate the best price for you…