The 3 Don’ts of Negotiating a New Car Price

New Car Negotiating Don’t # 1

Don’t make extremely low offers.

You will always achieve the best end-result if have your pricing and product research done – it’s best not to appear ignorant and/or lose the trust and favour of the consultant or private seller you’re dealing with – trust and favour is needed to land the best of deals.

New Car Negotiating Don’t # 2

Don’t be misleading about prices being offered elsewhere.

This can really inhibit your ability to negotiate the right end-result for yourself. It only makes things awkward when the dealer or seller begins to question the specifics. It’s actually best not to mention any other dealers or pricing. Really.

The best way is to simply…

1. Do your research.
2. Test-drive your potential new car or cars.
2. Get a feel for drive-away pricing, then…
3. Make an offer you’re prepared to stand by.

New Car Negotiating Don’t # 3

Don’t hold a ‘Dutch Auction’.

There’s no better way to compromise your ability to secure a better than average deal than to hold a ‘Dutch Auction’ that is: approaching suppliers saying “I have X price from John Smith Motors, now what can you do?” …

…It’s particularly precarious when you’re trading a car in because dealers and trade buyers talk. Often buyers (even in a large city) are being called to price the same trade-in car (all the dealers want to trade with the best operators) … yes several dealers will call the same buyers – pretty soon the price of your car, and the new car, freezes.

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