Bait and Hook – Misleading New Car Advertising

Beware of misleading new car advertising or proposals. Remember: If it seems too good to be true – it usually is. Always read the fine print at the bottom of the advertisement.

“Bait” cars get the phones ringing and the enquiries rolling in, which is exactly what they are designed to do, but be ready for conditions.

Usually it’s a one-off car – a car the dealer can see you into quickly. It is likely to be:

  • An old stock car (at least older than 3 months, and maybe lots older) – this is something to look out for when an advertisement presents a car as “brand new” by not making this clear.
  • A company demonstrator (travelled up to 4000-5000 kilometres, likely put on by various drivers and test drivers).
  • A used car that’s being marketed as a company demonstrator (as above but with more kilometres travelled).
  • No, or limited colour choice.
  • Other limitations or conditions involving finance.
  • The price excludes on road costs (on-roads) or in other words the price advertised is not the “drive-away” price.

Once you’ve phoned in or called in, the dealership then has the opportunity to either sell you the advertised package, OR, if it turns out to be not what you expected they can begin to win you over on a suitable alternative (one that suits them)…

The object was to get you there, or for you to call so they can make an appointment having sparked your interest… create an opportunity to sell a car to someone who needs to buy one…

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