How To Choose The Best New Car For You

9th August 2022 – #1 in New Car Buying Tips

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With such a big spread of new car make and model choices available in the Australian new car market, choosing the right new car for you can be time-consuming and downright confusing.

Here are a few ways you can cut the time down on your research and make sure you choose the right new car for you.

Ask Current Owners of The New Car Model You’re Considering

Besides doing side-by-side new car model comparisons on the web and reading new car reviews, the best thing you can possibly do is ask owners ‘in the street’ directly what they think of their car.

Yes, even at the shopping mall carpark. You’ll be amazed what you’ll find out – and you’ll get the real facts, from an owner, not a bias salesperson. Most people will be glad to share their thoughts if you let them know you’re considering buying one like theirs.

When considering new car reviews or friend’s views, beware of opinion – mine for the facts. Read reviews but be aware that some reviews are unnecessarily petty and pessimistic; you’ll find that’s just the style of some writers so it’s always best to check with actual owners if you can.

Formula For Making The Right New Car Decision

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Consider this formula when making your model decision:

1. Family: Who else will drive the car? Consider family events.

2. Occupation: Do you need to fit work related things in the car? What type of driving will you do? Short dashes or highway runs?

3. Recreation: Golf, Surf, Bikes, Skis, Sailing and other Sports? Towing?

4. Motivation: What exactly is prompting you to want to buy another car?

Check yourself. Actually writing the answer down to number 4 (motivation) will REALLY help – give it a try.

The Ultimate New Car Research Resource

Our dedicated new car research page contains vital information for Australian new car buyers on budgeting, cost of ownership, leasing and finance, test-driving and an in-depth needs analysis to make sure you don’t waste any of your valuable time when buying a new car.

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