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Best price new Renault – get maximum discount on any brand new Renault without having to engage dealers yourself.

Best Price New Renault – All Models

Be it the new Renault Clio, Captur, Megane, Koleos, Clio RS, Kangoo, Trafic, Master Van, Master Bus or Master Cab Chassis – Any New Car will ensure you have the opportunity to buy a new Renault at the absolute best price.

Buying a new Renault with Any New Car means getting the best price, and the highest level of service without you having to get involved with salespeople in the negotiation process.

Get the best price on a new Renault – or any new car


What About Trade-ins?

We’ll also ensure that you achieve the highest possible price for any car (or cars) you intend trading in as part of any new car purchase. That’s whether you are buying a new Renault or any new car.

Can Anyone Submit a Request?

Yes. Whether you’re a private buyer, a small company or you run a large fleet of vehicles, Any New Car guarantees you the best deal on any new Renault model – or any new car.

Nationwide Network

We’ve forged alliances with Australia’s leading Renault dealers and Fleet Management Operations – this means you’ll enjoy the best price, and the highest level of service when pricing and buying a new Renault with the help of Any New Car.

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You’ll get a drive-away price, there are no fees, no memberships and our service is 100% free.

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The Latest From Renault Australia


About Renault – A Bit of History

Most Australians aren’t aware that Renault is the number one selling car in Europe. Renault sell more units than Mercedes Benz, than Volkswagen, Volvo, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, and Alfa Romeo.

Renault has one of the world’s leading F1 teams and is one of only three F1 teams worldwide that actually build and race their own cars for Formula One racing.

Renault boasts some of the world’s best credentials in car safety with eight of their models awarded the maximum 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP. This is more safety awards than Volvo and Mercedes Benz together!

Renault are innovators – you’ve probably experienced some of Renault’s innovation, even if you haven’t actually driven a Renault. If you’ve fastened a seat belt, felt the exhilaration of a turbocharged engine, sat in a people mover or hatchback then you’ve tasted some of the automotive innovation that actually began at Renault.

Best price new Renault? It all starts here.


Find Renault Dealer

Any New Car is here to save you time and money buying a new Renault through a Renault dealer near you.

Have you decided on your new Renault model? If so, Any New Car is ready to secure you the maximum discount on the Renault model you’ve selected. Our unmatched new car broker service ensures that you’ll get the lowest drive-away price on any new car.

» Find a Renault Dealer on the Renault Australia website

Our network of Renault contacts across Australia are always set to win the business we’re able to continually deliver them. This means you’ll always get the best price on a new Renault with Any New Car.

Any New Car is here to serve you, the new car buyer. And it’s not just about you getting the right price – it’s about you getting the highest level of service and the best price…

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