In this video Amelia reviews the latest all-new SUV from Hyundai, it’s the Hyundai Venue and we review it in the Active trim. The SUV segment is taking over even the very entry-level market since the Venue is set to replace the Accent as the entry-level Hyundai on offer in Australia.

Secondly, Hyundai just keeping raising that bar and, should the Venue prove to be worth the extra price over the Accent, it actually has the potential to be the leading subcompact in Australia.

The Venue aims at the entry-level market, but ups the price over the previous entry-level offering, while at the same time lowering the price for the SUV range. A manual Venue Go costs just over 22k drive away, an Auto Active starts at just under 26k and the really nice one, the Elite commands an even higher price, creeping up to 30k.

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