The new electric Ioniq update brought some minor changes, and one major that is the range. Still, it’s been a few years since we saw the first IONIQ and in the market segment that is evolving rapidly, did the IONIQ need a more thorough update?

The electric motor that hides behind that horrid grille-not-wannabe thing has 100 kW of power and 295 Nm of torque.

Pricing for the latest IONIQ starts at around 53k drive away for this Elite or 57k drive away if you want to go for the premium. Also, for the in-home charger installed add $2000 and that extra few hundred for a type2 lead.

At this price range for an EV, it is actually pretty good, among the best offers out there.

The latest IONIQ Electric is a great option for anyone looking into an affordable EV.

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