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Any New Car will save you time and money by securing you the best new car price, in writing – without any obligation or pressure – helping you save $1000’s when buying a new car.

Relax while Any New Car work for you – sourcing you the very best deal on your brand new car | How? | Get the best price…

Established in 2001, Any New Car are Australia’s experienced new car brokers securing drive-away discount new car prices for ANY new car buyer, in writing. Any New Car’s proven proprietary system gives absolutely anyone a genuine opportunity to buy a new car at the best possible price.

Now there’s no need to waste your valuable time running backwards and forwards from one car dealer to the next wondering if you really have the best price on a new car.

Discount New Car Prices, and The Highest Level of Service

Any New Car‘s industry-knowledge, and years of experience in negotiating discount new car prices mean that you’ll also be enjoying the very-highest level of service as well as the best price on your chosen new car.

Whether you’re buying a new car for private use, or as fleet owner, Any New Car is Australia’s experienced new car negotiator – we use our vast network and new car buying power to bring you the best new car deal. Guaranteed.

Save time by dealing with one company. Any New Car have the experience, knowledge in fleet sales to secure you a fleet discount on a new car, or a fleet of cars – this is the value of our service, and that’s only the beginning…

Any New Car new car brokers can assist you in obtaining the best new car price whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane… in fact any location in Australia at all… we specialise in securing genuine, discount new car prices for any new car buyer.

Whether you’re buying a new Mazda, Kia, Subaru, Toyota, BMW, Honda, Holden… any new car – we’re saving Australian new car buyers thousands of dollars every day and guarantee to save you maximum time and money when comes time for you to buy a new car.

DRIVE-AWAY Discount New Car Prices – All The Details Are Negotiated For You

Once you’ve submitted your new car quote request, we’ll bring you the best new car price, inclusive of all new car on road costs. We negotiate drive away, discount new car prices making every aspect of buying a new car easy!

Need Car Finance?

Try our handy Car Loan Calculator to work out repayments and the amount you’d like to borrow… then secure a competitive New Car Loan with a quick pre-approval so you can own your new car even faster.

Thinking about negotiating your own new car deal?
Any New Car’s new car buying tips are the best on the web, and best of all, they’re absolutely free.

The value of knowing you have the best deal when you buy a new car…

A now client, before contacting us, had negotiated a price of $39,000 drive-away including the options and accessories they wanted. Engaging our services revealed that this new car could be acquired for only hundreds less – but it was hundreds saved (with considerably better service and inclusions). The client then ordered the new car through us with the confidence of knowing they had the best drive-away price.

Another client in a similar situation went to great lengths on his own to get the best price on a latest release, in-demand, new vehicle. Imagine his reaction when we saved him $6,747 on what he’d been able to negotiate!

A couple engaged our service after hearing about us from a colleague (and after spending a whole long-weekend running around going head to head with sales staff at various dealers).

Within hours of contacting us on the Tuesday, it was revealed that they had a competitive price – of course they wished they’d made their enquiry prior to the long weekend and enjoyed themselves.

With Any New Car…

  • All the hard work is done for you.
  • There’s no pressure.
  • And no run-around, in fact there’s often no need to go back to a dealer at all – it’s about leveraging our experience and volume buying power so you save maximum time and money… and enjoy the highest level of service.

Our vast experience in negotiating new car prices gives YOU the advantage of being able secure the best drive-away price on your new car inclusive of any options or accessories you specify – without all the fuss and drama…

  • How much time can you afford to spend on making sure you have the right new car deal?
  • What is the best price anyway?
  • What is your time worth?

Any New Car is here to save you valuable time and money when buying your new car. We look forward to an opportunity of being a part of your best-ever new car experience…

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